A todo.txt app for the GNOME desktop


Manage your todo.txt
... with style

Todo.txt is a plain text formatting scheme for managing todo lists. Ezeedo lets you manage your todo.txt file with a dedicated user interface rather than using a text editor. It is written in C, utilizes the GTK+ library and integrates itself nicely into the GNOME desktop environment.

Ezeedo is
free software

You can download and compile Ezeedo's source code, or grab a Debian package (.deb) from the GitHub repository.

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This was

Ezeedo is a final project within Harvard's 2014 CS50 computer science class on edX. Ezeedo is fully functional, but it is still missing some features. It is currently at version 0.2.. Development has been put on hold due to other projects.

Screenshot of the CS50 introduction video